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In 1962 Mercury introduced the S-55 a full-size car to match Ford’s Galaxie 500/XL. The S-55 joined the existing Mercury “S” or “Special” line consisting of the S-22 Comet and S-33 Meteor. The Comet S-22 was introduced in 1961 while the Meteor S-33, like the S-55, was introduced in 1962. The first year model run offered the S-55 package in two body styles, 2d ht and convertible.

The completely redesigned 1963 S-55 was offered in four different body styles: a 2-door Breezeway Hardtop, a 4-door Breezeway Hardtop, and a 2-door Convertible. Later as a 1963½ you could also get the S55 as a 2 door fastback. Each of these models included the full S-55 trim of bucket seats and console.

Power trains available for 1962–1963 included two different versions of the 390 (300 hp and 330 hp) and the 406 CID (3-2V or 4V). Available for the first time in 1963 was Ford's famous 427 CID 4V.